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It offers high-tech performance, powerful tools for audio editing, mixing, restoration, and effects. Adobe Audition 3. With this update, the program has now reached Audition 3. A set of new distinctive features like RT real-time clip stretching, automatic speech alignment, and control surface support allow you to simulate projects faster than its predecessors.

Best price adobe audition 3

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It also depends on whether or not you will be adding a lot of plug-ins which can rapidly eat in to your processor load. This post at producerspot. Adobe also has a list of specifications. Adding any number of VST plug-ins can slow down your machine considerably. For this reason you want a processor that is able to move quickly from thread to thread and have multiple cores to share the work.

Memory Next to the processor, memory or RAM is absolutely essential for a good running environment. Some audio recording professionals actually see 24 GB as a standard.

Storage In addition to providing back up to memory for access to frequently used data, storage also provides space for all your files. One of the drawbacks to the old HDD drive is that it has too many moving parts which causes it to break down more frequently as well as being noisier than the newer, faster, and quieter SSD drive. This forum at Adobe speaks mostly to the feedback on sound cards, but also mentions how, in general, the noise of a PC can get in the way of the audio processing.

Having an SSD can cut down on the noise considerably as well as reduce the need for cooling. Fans also can interfere with the audio process. For that reason having a decent amount of screen space is essential. Adobe recommends a display x or larger.

Minor Requirements Graphics Card I put this under minor requirements, because having a dedicated graphics card may not be as important if all you are doing is audio editing; but if you plan to integrate with other Creative Cloud applications, you likely want one that meets the OpenGL 2.

This can also make it easier to keep track of the different windows you need opened while working. Any of the Nvidia cards, or above, would suit the requirements well.

Other Requirements There are any number of additional requirements you can consider when putting together an audio studio and it really comes down to your budget, the type of audio work you want to do and what you want in a studio set up. While not absolutely essential, I would recommend having at least one USB 3. A backlit keyboard can make things easier to see and is a nice addition to your set up. Whether or not you have a touch screen really depends on your own preference.

This video, How to Build a Home Studio , focuses mostly on recording vocals. I mention this company only because they have an excellent guide to the hardware requirements you might need to run Adobe Audition. The Laptops.

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