Best price nikon capture nx 2

Best price nikon capture nx 2

Nikon capture nx 2 best price, buy capture nx2, buy capture nx, buy capture nx 2. To change the pixels (as it replaces the expert without scrolling, click the. Shop for Nikon Capture NX 2 deals in Australia. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases ✓ Lowest Price Guaranteed at $! Compare & Buy online. Auto-Retouch Brush: Capture NX 2 adds an automatic retouch tool to its image editing toolbox allowing users to seamlessly remove blemishes, dust and other.

To simply achieve more natural-looking results, Auto Retouch Brush lets you remove dust spots on an image using a mouse click and stroke to match the surrounding color and tones. This can also be used to remove facial blemishes, imperfections on flowers, or other unwanted objects within the frame.

Using the slider at [Quick Fix], you can adjust shadows by [Shadow Adjust] and blown out highlights by [Highlight Adjust]. Four workspaces are provided: Browser, Metadata, Multi-Purpose and Edit, and your window composition can be easily switched among them. Quick Fix: Simultaneous opening of multiple settings: To facilitate a speedier editing workflow, a new QuickFix edit appears just below Camera Settings or at the top of the list if there is no Camera Settings.

You control these edits through sliders and buttons within the Edit List. These tools automatically identify shadow or highlight areas and darken or lighten only those areas.

Their implementation in Capture NX 2 is very good. As with the previous version, Capture NX offers highlight recovery for Raw files. Nowadays, this is a standard feature in any decent Raw conversion program and an essential capability for Raw shooters. Both the Exposure Compensation and Highlight Protection sliders perform highlight recovery. This is an area where the program could use some improvement.

With them you can easily create complex selections and masks that are very difficult to achieve in other image editors — even Photoshop. To use a control point, simply click it on the part of the image you want to adjust.

Capture NX samples the color beneath the Control Point, then uses that color sample, combined with the specified radius, to calculate a mask. The brightness, contrast, and saturation adjustments are automatically applied through that mask.

Figure 4. With it, you can easily make incredibly sophisticated localized adjustments. Capture NX also does an excellent job of attenuating its edits so that they blend seamlessly into non-edited areas.

For especially tricky selections and masks, it was often a huge lifesaver. For non-Nikon shooters, or for anyone who likes to keep the bulk of their work in Photoshop, Viveza is a great way to wnjoy the best part of Capture NX. Back to Capture NX 2: You can use the Control Point mechanism to make a selection that constrains the effects of any other Capture NX edit. This allows you to use the same sophisticated masking mechanism whenever you apply Levels and Curves, sharpening, noise manipulation, or any other edit.

A new Auto Retouch brush removes sensor dust and other image artifacts. Since edits are separate from image data, a non-destructive editing system merely has to copy the list of edits from one image to another. Capture NX offers basic copy and paste controls for moving edits from one image to another and provides a simple batch-processing control for applying the same set of edits to entire folders full of images.

Along the way, you can also automatically rename. For what most people need for most of their images, though, NX 2 delivers. That added step can be a hassle. Otherwise, I recommend Viveza. NX 2 has also improved the integrated Browser to find images as well as apply ratings and labels. Figure 1 Capture NX 2 adds a Favorites panel to the folders tab to help with accessing the files you work with most frequently.

The Metadata tab is available to assign more info if you wish, including keywords, copyright notice, and contact information. I created a simple copyright preset that can be applied to every image.

Speed improvements are also obvious with the program keeping up with most editing tasks. Batch processing is a bit on the slow side, but I tend to use this only for tasks like file renaming or conversion from RAW to another format where I don't need to sit and stare at a screen while the batch is being run. The real heart of Capture NX 2 though is the processing tools.

Here, version 2 shines. In addition to the Color Control Point method of selection in the previous version, there are Select Control Points that are similar to the method used by Viveza. This is hands down the most powerful selection tool I've ever used, and if anything, the version in Capture NX 2 works even better than Viveza does.

Rs. 13 * (Full Software) *Price quoted is MRP inclusive of all taxes for one The Capture NX 2 is a software optimized for workflow of photographers who. Nikon Capture NX 2 Overview Add this product to your shortlist for comparison retrieving offers for your location, please refresh the page to see the prices. A screen view of the main Nikon View NX2 software is shown here. The Nikon Capture NX-2 software is the best raw conversion software for processing the.

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Updated 2 August for recommendation about colour noise reduction. Capture NX-D image processing software allows you to realize the full potential of your digital camera and Nikon lens, creating images with unparalleled quality provided by our developers. We mainly use ACR 4. Nikon D user manual now available for download. Free access to quick tutorials, in-depth webinars, hands-on videos and more. Nikon Capture NX 2 offers a more efficient way to edit digital images from any digital camera. Capture NX 2 is a full-featured non-destructive photo editing program that provides photographers powerful tools to quickly and easily edit their photographs. Simply place the Control Point on the area that you want to edit and U Point Technology will analyze color elements such as hue, saturation and brightness, as well as recognize similar areas where an edit would best be applied. Capture NX-D, as of version 1.


Nikon Capture NX-D - Free Photo Editing Software

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