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Buy Fireworks CS4

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The Inspector contains two tabs by default: Properties and Symbol Properties. Being able to toggle between these two panels when you are working with component symbols from the Common Library panel is very convenient.

New and enhanced panels and tools The Color Mixer panel has been replaced with the Color Palette panel. This new panel makes selecting and mixing colors both easy and fun. The panel contains controls for three tools: Selector, Mixers, and Blender. The Mixer, introduced in CS3, has been updated with a cleaner and easier-to-view display.

Generating a color palette and exporting it, as a bitmap or color table, has never been easier. Selecting colors from the Mixers color wheel, generating palettes, and exporting color palettes for future use is addictive.

Learn more about macOS Catalina ] The Blender tool allows you to pick two colors and generate up to 36 blends of them. The panel opens in the upper left-hand corner of the workspace. The location for opening the panel in the menu, and its position once opened, seem odd: It would have been more intuitive to place the Kuler menu item at the top level of the Window menu and to group the Kuler panel with the Color Palette panel.

However, because Kuler is an extension rather than a built-in panel, the choices Adobe made about how and where to access it begin to make more sense, and you can always relocate the Kuler panel to any panel group you choose. Once you find the panel you can search color combinations by theme, color, or author. You can save your search and even edit an active theme. A new addition to the Select tools in the Tools panel is the 9-Slice Scaling tool.

This tool allows you to scale an object while preserving selected areas. For example, you can use this tool to scale the sides of a rectangle with rounded corners without also scaling the corners. You could do this in the previous version, but first the object had to be converted to a Symbol. In CS4, the new 9-Slice Scaling tool allows you to scale an object without having to first convert it to a Symbol.

Wrapping text around images was difficult in earlier versions of Fireworks. Designers had to divide text into multiple text boxes and place them around an image to give the appearance of wrapping. The improved Path panel displays tools in four groups: Both the Extrude and Blend Paths tools have been greatly improved. You can apply these tools to either a path or a vector shape.

The Extrude pop-up control panel is easier to use. There are individual fields for the different values: Distance, Angle, Taper, and Twist. As you enter values in the fields you will see a live preview of the extrusion. Using the Blend tool you can select two vector objects or paths and then click the Blend button and enter the number of steps you want to blend between the two objects.

In CS3, blends could only be used with paths. See how we have use the outline in the Cloud Effect tutorial. Once you click on the image using Magic Wand tool you can adjust the Tolerance level depending upon the image. See how we have adjusted the tolerance level in the Extract Image Effect tutorial Feather an image using Eraser Tool and set the Edges as smooth and transparent.

Use Onion Skinning to view two or more states in the workspace area at once, which is useful for editing the states in GIF animations. Using Rectangle you can create Rounded Rectangle by setting the value for Rectangle roundness in the properties inspector which is displayed under the stroke category.

Press the Alt key and, the down arrow once or drag, to duplicate a graphic easily. When using the vector shapes and auto shapes in Adobe Fireworks CS4, you can modify the shape's properties uniformly by dragging the yellow points handles.

Similarly, the properties of individual corner points in the shape can be modified by keeping the Alt key pressed and then dragging the corresponding point. Try the in-built graphic behaviors that come with Fireworks: Set the Transparency of Images or Shapes so that the background shows through. Try the various effects given in the Effect Panel of the Properties Window. Use Curves to give your designs a fun look.

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