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Fontographer for Mac & Windows. Classic clutter-free font editor by FontLab. Create new fonts, customize existing fonts, add extra characters, fine-tune spacing and kerning, fix problems in bad fonts, convert old fonts to a new format. How To Buy FontLab Fontographer 5. Jun 17, · I just figured that when Fontlab bought Fontographer, it was to bring the great mass of users of the venerable (but, as I understand it, long-neglected) Fontographer over to beign active paid customers of the newer program. FontLab VI The ultra bold font editor. For Mac and Windows. Full license: $Upgrades from $ Academic $ Edu 1-year: $ Buy now!

About FontLab FontLab enables users to design, edit, customize and convert fonts. Our current flagship products are FontLab itself, and TransType. Fontlab Ltd. History The predecessor of Fontlab Ltd. The company was established in to internationally market and distribute software produced by SoftUnion Ltd.

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Mac Upgrade from Fontographer 4. Make Your Own Fonts! Easy yet powerful font editor! With Fontographer, it? Ease of use Originally developed by the same team that stood behind Freehand? Description New: Fontographer 5. In version 5. The secret behind this is our own unparalleled font technology know-how. The mature FontLab Studio engine, combined with brand-new sophisticated algorithms, provide the technical underpinnings for the new Fontographer 5. Looks smooth, rocks hard While FontLab Fontographer 4.

Our work on Fontographer 5 was like a restoration of a classic car. And then we? Seasoned users of Fontographer 3 and 4 will quickly find themselves at home, and new users will find the product very easy to learn. User interface NEW! Radically redesigned and updated, easy-to-use Font Info dialog for editing the relevant technical parameters for all font formats, including OpenType, with updated, intelligent, automatic generation of OpenType-compatible font family naming and of cross-plattform linespacing values NEW!

Powerful Spotlight-like glyph search feature that allows you to quickly highlight or select glyphs based on the Unicode codepoint, glyph name or Unicode character name including wildcards NEW! Full Unicode compatibility fonts and user interface , including support for the Unicode Standard version 5. Copy-paste and import bitmap images for autotracing Plus countless additional improvements and bug fixes. Now in the Version 5. RLM and Keyserver support for serving multiple licenses from a server.

Great for computer labs! Hundreds of bug fixes Mac OS X Exports fonts with 32, glyphs as OpenType PS. System Requirements Fontographer 5 for Windows: Fontographer 5 for Windows is a bit Windows application, but can run on bit.

Fontographer 5 for Mac: Mac OS X Fontographer 5 for Mac is a bit universal binary application. Multi-seat licenses available for Keyserver or RLM license servers. Change Log.

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