Logic Pro X Purchase

Logic Pro X Purchase

The Pro Apps Bundle is a collection of five industry-leading apps from Apple, including Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X and more. Buy now at xofisw.me5/5(8). Jul 15,  · Logic Pro X is the most advanced version of Logic ever. Sophisticated tools for professional songwriting, editing, and mixing are built around a modern interface that’s designed to get creative results quickly and also deliver more power whenever it’s needed/5(). Sep 24,  · Apple Logic Pro X is a tremendous update to an already-excellent digital audio workstation. If you already own Logic Pro X, it's also free.5/5.

MainStage 3 Sound as great on stage as you do in the studio. Turn your Mac into a live rig. MainStage has something for every kind of performer. Simplify setup and teardown.

Sep 24, - Apple Logic Pro X is a tremendous update to an already-excellent Long before Apple purchased Emagic, Logic first emerged from the. Open the App Store in your Applications folder and search for Logic Pro X. Purchase and install it (an installation wizard will guide you) — but be patient while. Jun 13, - Logic Pro X is available today as a free update for all existing users, and new users can purchase it from the Mac App Store for $

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MainStage 3 Sound as great on stage as you do in the studio. Turn your Mac into a live rig. MainStage has something for every kind of performer. Simplify setup and teardown. And use all your favorite hardware controllers. Your dream gig awaits. Now you can take your performance beyond what you can actually perform.

The Arpeggiator features note-based remote controls and flexible latch modes. And Chord Trigger allows you to press a single note and have it trigger an entire complex chord.

With Multimapping, you can map multiple parameters to a single control, so you can smoothly manipulate your sound without trying to turn several knobs at once. And seamless Patch switching lets you hold a chord in one sound while moving to a new Patch. Introducing Alchemy.

One monster synth. Learn more about Alchemy Guitarists. Get virtually any sound, with virtually no gear. Seamless Patch switching lets notes and chords trail off naturally when you switch Patches. Do it all — and keep right on singing.

MainStage lets you stay focused on your performance. Keep your hands free by using foot pedals to control the effects you add to your voice. And display large, high-contrast notes such as lyrics and chord changes on your screen.

So all you have to think about is singing. The total performance package. Love the sound you got on your recording? You can even expand your show with prerecorded backing tracks. The MainStage and Smart Controls interface is designed especially for live performance. You get a full-screen, high-contrast, and high-resolution Retina display—supported view of your controls, so they stand out from across the stage.

And you can set things up so each control is linked to a different parameter in each Patch. Amazingly simple setup. With MainStage, setting up your stage rig is faster than ever.

Start by choosing from a complete range of performance templates, many of them preloaded with great-sounding Patches. Or look to the all-new Patch Library to find a Patch or sound ready to be tweaked to perfection. Just save your live set as a project and MainStage puts all the necessary files into a single folder you can take with you anywhere.

Use your favorite hardware. MainStage supports your addiction to knobs, buttons, and faders. It can connect with just about any external MIDI device on the planet. And the interface is simplicity itself. No more assigning knobs over and over for each preset. MainStage 3 also features pickup modes that make fixed controller knobs behave more like the endless encoder knobs found on high-end gear.

If your control surface can receive status information from software, MainStage will send MIDI messages to keep your control displays in perfect sync. Capture your performance.

MainStage lets you record any audio signal passing through. Creating sounds with your Mac is so much simpler than relying on all kinds of external gear.

Instead of squinting at tiny hardware displays, you get a bright, full-screen view that makes everything easy to tweak. You can also combine any sounds you like — even software and hardware sounds — in one Patch. Multimapping allows one knob to control multiple plug-in parameters, so you can dramatically change your sound with the turn of a single knob.

And features in the Mixer make it easier to open, close, bypass, or reorder plug-ins. No need to reach for a modifier key. Auto sampling. More instruments, made simple. Auto Sampler quickly and easily transforms your hardware synths into sampled instruments that you can play from your Mac.

Your keyboard rig just got a whole lot simpler to set up and manage. For example, the EXS sampler can put huge amounts of data to work for a single instrument by using all of the available memory in your Mac. And if you ever run into a problem, Autosave lets you get back up and performing in no time. Customize your layout.

Grouped Controls let you drag and drop entire sets of knobs, buttons, faders, meters, and more into your layout. From there, you can easily customize the number, type, size, and color of all your controls.

You can even decide what each control does for each Patch. Alignment guides snap everything into place. And Lift and Stamp features let you quickly copy characteristics from one layout and apply them to another. You can save parts of your layouts as Grouped Controls and reuse them in other layouts. And put your Patches in any order and change them on a whim.

Synths look like synths and Vintage B3 Patches bring up organ drawbars. Command Central. That means everything you use to perform is right on your Mac, giving you total control. Each Patch works as a self-contained audio mixer and router, so you can completely change direction mid-performance. One minute you can be playing some heavily distorted guitar with a full backing band.

And the next you can be creating bass loops with an external synth against an Ultrabeat drum pattern. Up to 51GB of optional content available via in-app download. Just click to download and install.

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