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It's not just to chase you away. You want intricate features, but refuse to pay a livable wage for it. I just don't understand what goes through people's minds these days… Like 2 Scott-C-H- 04 September timi - Irrelevant.

I commented strictly from the market reality standpoint. I surely hope that they will be able to do that with their next version, get paid well and survive. Does that mean that wishing something will make the market reality go away? Unfortunately, no. Coda was created before either of those apps were out. The reality is that you are floating out there above the market reality.

Like 27 October Tim27 Everything moves fast, and now, the market reality is that so many developers are switching to Visual Studio Code. How would you expect Coda to appeal to those developers when they are getting most of what they need for free?

In the meanwhile, PHPStorm is thriving despite its subscription model, because the developer did a good job in positioning it at a price point where developers feel is worthwhile for the features they get out of it. Its yearly price is lower than Coda's and it is far more powerful than Coda. Sorry, you can't have both. That's why I suggested in my original post that Coda might have a better fighting chance if it releases a pro-grade IDE for iOS that makes web developers go, "Wow, this thing makes iOS viable for serious development!

They have to differentiate themselves that way, or I'm afraid it will continue to be a losing game for them especially if they keep their current price point. None of this is to say free is better. All of it is strictly based on the market reality and how most people think. People are cheap, harsh, and they aren't going to pay unless they feel it's justified.. Neither is Transmit, their FTP software. Moreso than code editors, but Panic is still selling Transmit. Why do you think that is? Because people are dumb?

Because it's great software and works in a way that those people who like it work. And so if enough people buy it, they will continue to be a prosperous company. Just because other companies make something for free doesn't mean someone else should.

Or even lower their price. I have never used Visual Studio Code and never will. Why not? Because I have a workflow based on something I already use which is not Coda, but also not free.

My point wasn't about that, though. There may be, say, 10, developers who would purchase Coda for their development needs. And it is very much debatable whether the existing 10, users will stick to Coda if it stays where it is now with all the viable alternatives that might be "not quite as good, but good enough to take it for cheap" solutions.

And that can hurt. I only stated that it "might help" if they do things a little differently. It works well for you how?

Will others think the same way and pay up? Adobe should charge whatever they feel like charging and so should Panic. Whether they are going to sell more is a whole separate issue, and no amount of "You are so dumb cheap!!! You should pay for software!!! Like LuxLogica 10 February Coda is a fantastic little product, which seems to get very little love from its developers: Developers, take note: Coda needs some love it it's to stay competitive.

And on the database front, why not support SQLite? Just because Coda is a nice product, doesn't mean its users don't expect - and want - even more Like

Panic Coda 2 Purchase

It used to be my fulltime job; now I code an in-house tool for Macworld, and I do some side Web development projects after hours. Coda dates back to , and it aimed to simplify the life of the average Web developer. And it succeeded. It combined, in a single tabbed window, your code editor, your FTP client, your web browser, and the Terminal. When Panic formally announced Coda 2 , I was thrilled. It was missing a couple key features, and I longed for some of those features literally every time I used the app. Don't be surprised if Coda 2's visual tab previews become a de facto OS X standard.


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