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However, as more people understand the power of its simple buying model, and the data generated, this challenge will become easier to overcome. The Drum spoke to Guldimann on the cost-per-second CPS buying model and what it means for advertisers and brand owners.

What is a CPS buying model? CPS stands for cost per second. Parsec charges brands for the amount of time that consumers choose to spend with their advertising. This amounts to guaranteed attention, literally the simplest way for brands to buy media.

What does it mean? Attention delivered via polite formats is optimal for all parties involved. Brands get a scalable and low risk way to buy media. Publishers gain a unique understanding of the quality of advertising running on their site and can implement a pricing model that rewards better ads. Most importantly the entire value chain is aligned to show consumers ads they actually want to see. How can it ensure value for advertisers?

In the same way that direct response advertisers measure campaign performance using clicks, brand advertisers have looked to proxies of attention as a measure of value.

TV, the great brand vehicle of the last century, used Reach x Frequency to approximate value. At the bottom of that page, click Switch to web services report. Use the API type drop-down to select the service for which you'd like to view reports. Channel reports To track usage across different applications using the same client ID, you may provide an optional channel parameter with your requests.

By specifying different channel values for different aspects of your application, you can determine precisely how your application is used. For example, your externally-facing website may access the API using a channel set to customer while your internal marketing department may use a channel set to mkting. Your reports will break down usage by those channel values. The channel parameter must use the following format: The channel parameter is case-insensitive; upper-case, mixed-case, and lower-cased channel parameters will be merged into their lower-case equivalent.

The channel value must be a static value assigned per application instance, and must not be generated dynamically. You may not use channel values to track individual users, for example. Up to 2, distinct channels can be used, per client ID. The channel parameter is included in the request URL: For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies.

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