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For example it can tackle spam and spyware in addition to malware. It also detects threats that arrive via social media. It has a proprietary firewall in case you would prefer the ZoneAlarm firewall to the one included with Windows.

There is also a game mode that suspends unnecessary notifications while you are gaming or watching video. The feature list also includes parental controls and online backup. Despite such an impressive list of features, when you consider the feature lists in other internet security software, the features missing from ZoneAlarm come into focus. It lacks the ability to proactively scan removable media such as USB memory sticks, instant messaging protection and a bootable rescue CD to recover from situations where a PC might become unresponsive due to malware infections.

More on Web Security. In true stealth mode, your computer is unquestionably invisible to hackers. Every encrypted file can be restored. The risk of losing file access and paying a ransom fee? Every file is checked against our always up-to-date cloud database of virus signatures. Passwords, home networks, apps and data are safe from every attack — including the most recent and sophisticated viruses. Connect to public WiFi networks without exposing your browser activity or data.

Malware, malicious apps and phishing attempts are detected immediately, alerting you to keep your phone safe.

Why risk identity theft when you have the option to secure your entire mobile life? Threat Emulation Zero-Day Protection A unique ZoneAlarm feature that protects you against unknown Zero-day attacks by examining suspicious files in the cloud.

Files are sent to a virtual sandbox where suspicious malware behaviors are detected and prevented from launching an attack. If a file is found to be malicious, you get an immediate notification to delete the file before it harms your computer. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security offers effective defense against all potential threats, without compromising the safety of your device.

Independently tested to provide superior protection. Kernel-Level Virus Prevention protects the operating system. Scan Modes let you customize your protection. Fastest-Updating Signature List detects and stops the most recent viruses that others miss. Advanced Real-Time Antivirus Checks files against an up-to-date database of virus signatures to protect against newly emerging threats.

Advanced Real-Time Antivirus Provides access to the up-to-date database of Antivirus signatures to protect against newly emerging threats. Checks files against Real-time Cloud database to ensure that even the latest threats are not missed. Contains the latest Antivirus signatures, web resources and software to ensure up-to-date protection.

Advanced Firewall Monitors programs for suspicious behavior; spotting and stopping new attacks that bypass traditional antivirus protection. Antiphishing technology is an emerging technology, and it'll be interesting to see what methodology becomes dominant in the coming year.

Perhaps we'll see them in the next version. Performance For antivirus protection, ZoneAlarm partnered with Kaspersky. We did not specifically test the antivirus engine within ZoneAlarm, but is based on Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6, which scored well in CNET Labs' performance tests and scored exceptionally well in third-party, independent antivirus testing using live viruses.

On our iTunes test, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6 was first, with a fast seconds, just 12 seconds above our test system. On our Sorensen Squeeze test, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6 was second, with seconds, just 15 seconds more than our test system. For scanning a single folder with files, Kaspersky came in the middle of the pack, requiring seconds. And in boot speed, Kaspersky came in third, with a respectable 62 seconds.

In terms of protecting your PC, we cite results from two leading independent antivirus testing organizations.

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Anti-Virus software - Purchased vs Free Software

Read on for a quick summary of each review of the best free antivirus software. In addition to its proven malware protection and excellent phishing protection, Avast packs in a basic password manager, a secure web browser, and more. Need a second opinion? The interface shows the same six icons as in the paid Kaspersky Internet Security, but only Scan and Database Update are available to free users. That said, Kaspersky Free still gives you real-time security, very good phishing protection, and even warns of unsafe websites. Not bad for a free antivirus. AVG protects against 0-day threats by preventing unknown and potentially dangerous files from opening and sending them to AVG Threat Labs for deeper analysis. It's unlikely anything is getting through this. It obviously lacks the more advanced features of its bigger brother, but still provides excellent performance and has earned top scores in independent lab tests.


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